Contatract Weekly Update (Jan. 17, 2020)

Public chain

  1. Completed the mining deployment instruction document;
  2. Complete candy distribution and deployment;
  3. Fixed the problem that When the client creates a new account, it directly connects to apply for optimization of the agent;
  4. Added test boot node to connect different servers to different test environments;
  5. Solved the error of concurrent map iteration and map write caused by asso partner.


  1. Completed the first stable version of Windows;
  2. Beautifieed the interface maps and colors;
  3. Added a dialog box indicating that the operation is completed or failed
  4. Fixed some problems caused by running under MacOS, and it is expected that MacOS will go online next week;
  5. Added a setting for saving the private data;
  6. Added the function of copying the transaction ID so that the data browser can query it.


  1. Since the first small-scale publicity in North America at the end of 2018, after completing the testnet and DApp beta, the first publicity in China has been conducted;
  2. Completed the Chinese version 0.5 white paper;
  3. Github: submitted the program and code, and built the Contract, Wemore, and Documents projects respectively;
  4. Established the telegram group and quickly attracted nearly 2,000 people;
  5. Created Facebook, Twitter, Medium and other social accounts and started to update synchronously;
  6. Hundreds of Wechat groups have been established and the project has been propagated, and the community has been initially established.