Contatract(CNT) Weekly Update (Feb. 16, 2020)

Last week, we focus on test of contatract. Mainly, two aspect, storage subnet and consensus. Bellow are the problems we have fixed.

Consensus mechanism:

  1. Fixed the problem that the node information in the PBFT consensus may cause a crash when it is updated;
  2. Fixed the problem that the order and time of node block generation in the PBFT consensus are disordered.

Storage subnet:

  1. Fixed the issue that farmer provides space to get rewards;
  2. Tested data synchronization between multiple farmers;
  3. Fixed the inconsistency of the farmer data hash;
  4. Fixed the issue of deadlock caused by a certain farmer, causing inconsistent data;
  5. Tracked the problem that the data was inconsistent after reading and writing by multiple farmers, and it needed to be restarted to make it consistent.