Contatract Weekly Update (Jan. 26, 2020)


  1. Fixed the problem that restarting the server causes the claim transaction to be lost;
  2. Fixed chain data header writing error in long-term mining;
  3. Fixed the problem that the effective miners' reading service are not enough;
  4. Optimized the connection problem that preferentially connect nodes have the same network id;
  5. Optimized the problem that When the available space is insufficient, a single node will not always be claimed.


  1. Fixed some GUI tips and improved related logic;
  2. Fixed the problem that the newly created address application proxy service may be wrong;
  3. Fixed a bug where files exceeding the remaining size can be uploaded to cloud disk space;
  4. Added the option to reformat the cloud disk space metadata when there are parsing errors after reading;
  5. Limited uploading files with the same name to the same space.


  1. Completed the data browser:;
  2. Updated the official website menu;
  3. Added social networking links to website;
  4. Released the 0.3.0 version of Wemore on the official website and uploaded a Mac version that can run stably;
  5. The official website has added relevant instructions for testnet deployment, but the testnet program have not been announced;
  6. Added "Disclosure" column on official website;
  7. Start regular and irregular information disclosure, including weekly newspapers, news, R&D, documents, and daily dynamic blogs.