Contatract (CNT) Weekly Update (Mar. 22, 2020)

Contatract is still in inner test. General speaking, test time should be more than development time. However, because the blockchain is a distributed system, software cannot be upgraded at any time, and security and stability become extremely important. Important optimizations have been made to the storage subnet and consensus mechanism this week, providing improved security and stability, and logically clearer. For example, in the division of labor of the proxy server, the signature of the proxy server is reduced, which not only improves efficiency but also makes the logic of the proxy server clearer. On the consensus mechanism, the number of test nodes and the number of tests are increased, and occasional problems that are not easy to find under normal operation are repaired in time.

Storage subnet:

  1. Optimized the proxy service module code, no longer cache when uploading and downloading files, and forward directly;
  2. By aligning with megabytes, the number of reads and writes is reduced and the read and write efficiency is improved;
  3. Improved the upload and download file verification, from the consistency of the file hash of multiple storage nodes to whether the file hash and the RSV calculation owner address are correct.

Consensus mechanism:

  1. Fixed the problem that consensus cannot be reached due to the occasional inconsistency of the information completed in the pre-confirmation phase in the PBFT consensus;
  2. Fixed the problem that the block cannot be generated occasionally due to inconsistent system time in the PBFT consensus.