Contatract (CNT) Weekly Update (Mar. 30, 2020)

The testing of the Contatract chain was continued this week, and the test was basically completed, and the refinement of the economic mechanism design began.

The economic mechanism is the nodes' service payment mechanism and mining mechanism that provide services, which is the core of the "cryptographic economics" of the blockchain. An initial version has been designed (, and I hope everyone can help with suggestions. The next major task for us will be the development of economic mechanisms.

  1. The storage subnet adjusted the upload file process, from writing the file content and total hash first, then writing the file total hash signature, to writing everything at once;
  2. The storage subnet adjusted the download file process, from reading the total hash of the file and the total hash signature first, then reading the file content to reading all the content at once;
  3. The cross-chain consensus mechanism fixed errors caused by occasional abnormality in the block receiving queue during block synchronization.