Contatract Weekly Update (Apr. 5, 2020)

The testing of code has basically come to an end. Following the determination of the economic framework of last week, the main work of this week is to refine the economic mechanism and study its technical details to prepare for the coding of the economic mechanism.

In addition, in-depth discussions of attacks on the main chain, sub-chain, and storage subnet began. Although the possibility of various attacks has been considered in the design, some technical details need to be further discussed during development, including various possible rollbacks and possible malicious prevention or fault tolerance.

Since the blockchain is distributed, its development is a difficult process, which guarantees a one-time success and will be less frequently upgraded. This is also the reason why Bitcoin is much deserved to be praised. Its design is simple and elegant, and its implementation is robust and efficient.

Specifically, this week we did the following:

  1. Researched the issue of determining the price-specific details of the user's purchase space through the bancor agreement;
  2. Identified the main technical implementation framework for specific details of space purchase pricing, and formed the next development work arrangement;
  3. The user receives the data from the storage node through the agent service provider to verify the validity of the data;
  4. Research on the technical framework that can calculate the size of the world's hard disk and used space for each block;
  5. Analyzed possible rollbacks and countermeasures;
  6. Analyzed the reward and punishment mechanism of farmers' possible fraud, load balancing and denial of service.