Contatract (CNT) Weekly Update (Apr. 26, 2020)

This week we continue to develop economic mechanisms. Mainly completed the following work:

  1. Continued to refine the basic design of the economic mechanism;
  2. Started the revision of the official version of the white paper (because the economic mechanism has not been determined before, and the current version is a beta version);
  3. Started writing the yellow paper (after completing the design of the economic mechanism, we began to write the yellow paper, which is very important for the establishment and communication of the technical community)
  4. Continued to debug and develop a hybrid consensus mechanism;
  5. Continued to refine and develop the space verification mechanism and space pricing mechanism module.

The design and development of economic mechanisms is difficult and complex. You can refer to Filecoin's three-tier architecture design ( as proof of time, proof of space, proof of existence, and proof of retrievability are issues that every storage project needs to solve. The economic design of CNT requires constant polishing.

At present, the central bank's digital currency and Libra are playing the leading role, and the legal currency stable currency will also rise, but the real blockchain industry is actually in a quiet period. For now, it is suitable for polishing products, and constantly expanding the community, landing the product as soon as possible, and at the same time expanding the miner group and user group.