Contatract Weekly Report (Feb. 2, 2020)


  1. Fixed the problem that only the same node can claim space when adding nodes;
  2. Fixed the problem that a node has remaining space but cannot be claimed;
  3. Optimized the reconnection procedure when reading and writing files timed out;
  4. Tracked the problem of data loss after the blockchain restarted.


  1. Fixed the problem that if the back end cannot connect to the front end, the back end will not close automatically;
  2. Modified the front-end and back-end RPC interaction mode so that multiple commands can be executed in parallel;
  3. Fixed an issue where MacOS cannot be minimized;
  4. Fixed an issue where space creation might fail while uploading a file;
  5. Restricted some illegal operations;
  6. Fixed a bug that could create a space with the same name.