Contatract Weekly Update (May 3, 2020)

In the next few weeks from last week, we will mainly develop economic mechanisms, improve them, and start the development of disk management tools. Each of these three projects is a relatively large project. The major updates this week are:

  1. Started to embed a deposit mechanism for PBFT node selection in PoW and debug.
  2. Continue to develop space verification mechanisms.
  3. The storage mechanism began to develop the disk management mechanism.
  4. Joined the mailing list for Wemore.
  5. Added local database function for Wemore.

Regarding the disk management tool, additional explanation is required. Since Contatract Chain is a space-based management system, the addition, deletion, and deletion of files requires a system to manage them. Currently, Wemore does not have a delete function because the disk management tools of cloud disks are incomplete. This will also be an important task for Contatract. The disk management tool will be a bottleneck for Wemore. Only when the disk management tool is bettered can we add functions to better customer experience for Wemore.

In addition, due to holidays, the weekly report will be suspended next week.