Contatract (CNT) Monthly Update (May 2020)

The work carried out in May mainly includes the following points:

  1. For the consensus mechanism of the dual-chain structure, run the PoW and PBFT dual-chain simultaneously and debug them;
  2. For the deposit system of PoS, a special address was initially added as a deposit asset pool and recorded in the PoW main chain;
  3. For the time-space verification mechanism and existence proof of the storage subnet, a storage deposit mechanism is added, and a PoS deposit mechanism similar to the PBFT accounting node is established;
  4. A user feedback transaction mechanism has been added for the proof of storage accessibility;
  5. Designed the information feedback and reward mechanism of public beta;
  6. Reached an open beta cooperation intention with major blockchain storage equipment manufacturers;
  7. We are actively contacting the North American blockchain community to plan overseas publicity and promotion after the public beta.

The development of the economic mechanism began in April and is still going on in May. Due to the difficulty of development, the workload of testing is greater than that of development. This process will continue for at least several months. Compared with the testing process, we will change the frequency of regular reports from weekly reports to monthly reports, and from time to time to disclose matters that need to be disclosed on the website and the community.

For the blockchain public chain project, the community is crucial, but good design, safe and stable operation of the code is the prerequisite for everything. The current code and design of the project still need to be polished, which will be an important work in the next few months .