Contatract Weekly Update (Feb. 9, 2020)


  1. Added log files;
  2. Fixed the problem that chain data is lost when killing the program using the kill command;
  3. Fixed the problem that the client occasionally cannot read the account;
  4. Fixed the issue of share price in share code and email attachments;
  5. Optimized to write management files of different disks at the same time;
  6. Fixed the problem that when exiting abnormally when uploading a file, the file list cannot be read next time.


  1. Fixed the error prompt when applying for the proxy service of the wrong proxy;
  2. Fixed wrong proxy service status determination;
  3. Fixed the problem that the parameters cannot be specified by themselves when applying for agency services;
  4. Fixed the issue that the edit box of the email cannot be wrapped;
  5. Added the validity period input when sharing files. You can use the tab key to switch the input box.